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Eyebrow Services & Eyebrow Photos 


I am a natural brow expert. I love brows in their most natural form. Brows that don't need to be drawn on, heavily filled, or laminated/stained to look good. My brow shaping is different, I'm not just a "walk-in 5-10 minute wax on/wax off " studio. I fix those quick 5-10 minute eyebrow services. Your brows should be a priority, an investment. Not a "5-10 minute walk-in service or add-on service" to your hair, nails, or facial. Wrong shaped eyebrows can age you & make you look harsh. I will help you get eyebrows that look good without fill-in. The fill-in will just be the icing on the cake but it won't be necessary for your eyebrows to look good. With patience & regular appointments you can be on your way to natural beautiful eyebrows without having to resort to costly microblading or lamination that looks unnatural & stamped on.

What I Do:

  • Most salons just maintain your current shape, never analyzing what's really going on with your brows growth pattern. My brow plan is very specific & customized to your growth pattern, brow bone, brow anatomy. I analyze your brows for its full potential for fullness & create a brow plan where I will discuss & show you how we're going to apply that to your brows. There is no commonly seen generic mapping with sticks, stencils, or rulers to determine where your brow starts, ends, or where the arch should be. I use your bone structure, growth patterns & follow the parameters of your natural brow anatomy.We will grow out your brows but still keep them clean. You will see as time goes on you will spend less time filling in brows.

  • I don't do dramatic, artificial overly arched, drawn on brows. I specialize in restoring brows to their natural state but a better more enhanced version. I keep your brows full & natural & will not harshly shape your brows with high arches. I aim to keep your brows full & enhance your natural form.

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