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What makes my brazilian wax the best? First & foremost, I NEVER double dip!!! I aim to provide clean (no double dipping here) and comfortable services (no rushed, in-and-out services). Second, I use techniques that reduces discomfort & results in thinner, finer, and slower hair growth. Third, I use top quality cruelty-free vegan wax and products that is super gentle. I  have spent years developing my protocol and searching for the best cruelty-free vegan wax and products that will reduce any burning or lifting of the skin. When you choose a brazilian wax instead of shaving, there is less chance of ingrown hairs, no cuts, no stubble, and hair grows back slower, thinner, and finer, compared to shaving where it takes a couple days for the hair to grow back into irritating, itchy stubble. 


   *Candy's Special, Women Only (Brazilian with Full Tushy (tummy line, cheeks, butt strip, and free lip wax )....(New Clients & Clients Over 4 weeks since last appointment...$71).....(Maintenance: Returning Clients within 4 weeks from last appointment...$62) 


   *Brazilian, Women Only (Vegan Hard Wax used, includes butt strip, tummy line, and free lip wax ).....(New Clients & Clients Over 4 weeks since last appointment...$60).....(Maintenance: Returning Clients within 4 weeks from last appointment...$50) 

   *Bikini Line, Women Only (Vegan Hard Wax used) Removes hair from panty line only, hair that grows past your hip line, or underwear line, does not include tummy line or butt strip...$29


   *Extended Bikini, Women Only (Vegan Hard Wax used) Removes 1 inch hair from outside & inside panty line and 1 inch strip from top, and 1 inch from tush cheek areas that are exposed when sitting cross-legged, does not include butt strip or tummy line (***Anything more than extended bikini will be charged as a brazilian***)...$33


Full Tushy, Women Only (cheeks & inner crack) ...$38

Butt strip/inner crack, Women Only.....$17

Tummy line (Add-on).....$13

Full Back...$56


Full Chest & Stomach....$56

Full Stomach...$29

Lower Back...$19

Upper Back...$41


Underarms Add-on....$18


   *Eyebrow Makeover (Brow shaping that includes specialized full brow consultation & mapping according to your natural brow anatomy. Tutorial on filling in brows ...$25


Lip (Add-on)...$13

Chin (Add-on)...$13

Full Legs.....$75

Half Legs.....$52

Full Arms.....$50

Half Arms.....$35


***Full Body Appointments & Appointments $150+: Full Body Appointments and Appointments $150+ require a 72-hour notice for cancellation or rescheduling. If you cancel or reschedule less than 72 hours to appointment, you will be charged a fee of 50% of the services schedule.***

***I use vegan hard wax for all brazilians, bikinis.  Vegan wax used for all services. If you are under 18, parent consent is required & parent must be present in person to sign consent form. Valid ID showing DOB will be required. Add-on services can only be booked as an add-on to a 20 minute or longer appointment. Can not be booked as a solo appointment, solo appointment will be declined.***

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