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 Do you really want products with toxic chemicals on your intimate areas? Nowadays everyone is going above & beyond to live a healthy lifestyle. Going to the gym & eating organic is just part of that, but why not take the same care when it comes to waxing? Vegan products are better for the environment and do not contain any animal ingredients or animal-derived ingredients. Vegan products are also cleaner which is better for your skin & reduces the likelihood of breakouts, irritation, and inflammation.  As a vegan, I believe that animals should be left out of the beauty and cosmetic industry and I live my lifestyle & operate my business by that belief. My salon is ethically chic, that aligns with ethical and moral values that considers the welfare of animals and people. Candy's Vegan Waxing offers the best brazilian wax and quality waxing services from an experienced esthetician. I use the best techniques and top quality, cruelty-free, vegan skincare products, and vegan wax.


 My vegan wax is hypoallergenic, super gentle, & won't leave your delicate area as red as traditional chemical wax. It doesn't contain unnatural harsh chemicals as traditional chemical wax & doesn't leave the skin irritated or itchy as traditional wax. My vegan wax is far superior to the traditional chemical wax used in most salons & achieves next-level results leaving the skin feeling hydrated like no other wax will. My vegan wax is tough on hair but gentle on the skin.


I am a licensed, experienced, highly -trained esthetician & have spent years developing my protocol and searching for the best cruelty-free, vegan wax and products that will reduce any irritation, burning, or lifting of the skin. I aim to provide clean (no double dipping here) and comfortable services (no rushed, in-and-out services). I like to provide each client with the best possible service, for that reason I am an appointment only studio. You will notice right away you are getting skincare services from one of the best.

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